The 10-Day "Such a Good Dad!" Jump Start:

10 straightforward Lessons to Transform You from An "I'm Lost!" New Dad

to "He's such a Good Dad!" All-Star Status


You went to all the ultrasounds. You painted the nursery. You held your wife's hand during delivery. 

You did everything you were supposed to as an expectant dad. You've held your little boy or girl and, if you're anything like me, it was the most incredible moment possible. You helped create that baby! You! You're in love. You want to help protect your son/daughter and make sure they never cry or need anything. You want to suddenly change your life for this little baby who, sure, spit up on your favorite shirt but it was kinda cute how they did it.

You want to be a great father.

You want people to watch you with your baby and say, "He's such a good dad!" 

Not out of ego. Not for the pat on the back. But because you know when someone says they, you must be doing something right. I want to get you to that point as quickly as possible. Dude, I get it. You're exhausted from the baby, you're holding down either a job or the house (or both!), and you're getting all this random parenting advice, mostly from distant relatives on Facebook who still think you can put a newborn on their stomach to sleep. (Um, nope.)

Here's what you'll learn in the Highly-Detailed, Action-Packed "Such a Good Dad!" Course:

  • What you're secretly worried about that's holding you back as a dad - and how to fix it.
  • Why you're going about sleep all wrong
  • What really, truly works for getting the baby to stay calmer & happier more often
  • 8 steps to make your wife happier as a mom
  • All the tips & tricks I've used to take care of three kids under 3, including twins!
  • Most importantly - specific dumb stuff guys do that will instantly get you on the "bad dad" list
  • Bonus tips for expectant dads still waiting on their baby!
  • Action steps on what you can do, today, to fix frequent newborn issues. Guys want the manual to the baby, right? Here's as close as you'll get.

I was in your shoes. I was a new dad who hadn't ever changed a diaper before, let alone figured out what clothes to put on a baby or how to burp them. I had no experience with labor & delivery that didn't come from watching a movie. I had swaddled anything. 

Now, with a 2-year-old son and infant twin daughters, I've "got my hands full," as basically every stranger says in the parking lot when they see my wife & I loading the car. And I love it. I love being a dad. I love holding my babies, taking care of them, talking about them, making them smile, and helping them fall asleep. Is it insane a lot of the time? Absolutely! But still the best thing that's ever happened to me, by far.

When I started hearing "Oh, he's such a good dad!" from friends and/or strangers, at first it was surprising and a little embarrassing (because there are so many great dads out there, including many friends of mine!). Then I thought about it and felt really proud. I have been terrible at a lot of things – playing sports, for one. But fatherhood? I just had it click in my head.

It sounds cocky, sure, but if I'm going to be overconfident about one thing in life, it's that I am a great dad. There's no perfect dad, or even an "expert dad." But I am sure that the mistakes I've made and the tricks I've learned are all to your benefit - get the short cuts so you can focus more on enjoying the kid instead of solving the kid!

When you're "such a good dad," people notice how much you care for and love your baby, how you seem to know what to do for them by instinct even if you had to look it up, how you are eager to do whatever you can for your kid.

Caring for and loving your baby? That's on you. Those two things will get you through a lot, for sure!

Knowing what to do and how to get through the early hurdles of fatherhood? I am 100% confident I can give you a jump start in 10 days that will have you feeling like you can go out to the grocery store with just you and your baby and face a diaper blowout in aisle 6 and have it taken care of like nobody's business.

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Be a diaper-bag wielding, Onesie-Snapping machine in 10 days.

By the end of the 10-day course, you'll have the kind of new dad confidence that will give you the tools you need to handle a variety of common but tricky baby-situations, plus make your wife super happy that you're doing more than ever (without her having to guide you!).

* Get doctor's visits de-mystified with my list of common ailments a newborn faces in the first year - including some that are common yet not commonly discussed (you won't believe the photo I have of my son's belly button!)

* Find out XXXXXX

* Bonus: Get access right to me with live chat! I'll host a live webinar XXXXXX

* Bonus: An exclusive Facebook private group for new parents hosted by me. Have ongoing access to a place where you can ask any new dad question - no question is too dumb! - with a community right there to support you. If you're experiencing it, somebody else is, too. And I'll be there to provide feedback, help track down answers, and connect you with other dads.

Course Breakdown:

* The course is delivered in 10 separate lessons delivered over 10 days through email. ($97)

* Live chat for course participants (FREE)

* Facebook group access (FREE)

* Instant access to all of my bonus content: Sleep Tips; Diaper Tips; XXXXX (FREE)


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is taking care of a newborn baby so freaking frustrating?

There's no downplaying it: Newborn babies are crazy tough to care for! They need help with everything, they make no sense, and just when you think you have it figured it, they've thrown up on you while peeing on your leg. But most of the frustration comes from a combo of inexperience and lack of patience. You don't know how to "fix it" - guys love to fix things, right? - and you aren't used to dealing with such an irrational person (babies don't do anything rationally!). That's where "Such a Good Dad!" comes in. You learn sweet tricks that I know from my own experience work on babies, plus a better understanding of what to expect your baby to do. It's a stress reliever and game plan in one!

Are you saying you're a parenting expert?

Nobody is a parenting expert. But I've got a special background that really caters to make this 

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