Twas the Night Before Father's Day


An ode to dads staying up late:

Twas the night before Father's Day, when all through the house

not a creature was stirring, just kidding, awake kids and spouse

The toddler was placed in his small bed with care

in hopes that for once he'd finally stay there.

The twin girls were nestled snug in swaddle sacks

all content having had boob milk for a snack

And Mama in her nursing bra, and I in mesh shorts

had verified both babies were breathing, a status report

When just down the hall there arose such a whine,

I sprang from my bed groaning, "That didn't take much time"

Away to the nursery, I stumbled half-awake,

for my cute infant boy, sleeping won't take

The glow of my cell phone lit up my face,

a dusting of light as he curled up on my waist

When, what to my comatose ears do I hear

but one girl, two girls whose rest disappeared

With a slight pout on my lips and a walk down the hall,

it doesn't take much to cause this night's downfall

Once soft then louder, then just louder still,

the girls took turns crying for cuddles and milk

At this point teamwork helps moms and dads all

A plan to keep the night from going to hell:

"Now babe, you know

I don't have those parts

You nurse the girls, great,

this one's got a head start.

I'll take our son elsewhere,

make his eyes droopy

maybe he'll sleep, likely won't

and you know he has a poopy."

My wife's heart full of gold fought eyes full of sleep

Three kids under 2 means little rest you can keep

She nursed one, then two, and swaddled for luck

(No idea if that works, but we figure, what the ... heck?)

Eventually we all, the family one through five

Got back to sleep, weary, but hey we're alive

You see there's a lot more at stake when you're up late at night

A baby can't change themselves, it's a sad plight

They need you for everything, for comfort, for food

and they need it from dads, especially, dude

There are all types of dads, many around

Some involved, some wise, some lost and then found

But late at night, it turns out, is perfect for fathers

to step up and comfort his son or his daughter

A dad's eyes - so sluggish! It's 4 in the morning!

You'd think parenting would come with forewarning!

You mouth may turn south, so tired are you

but late nights aren't just for moms, just think that through

You see, a toddler, an infant, a baby, no matter

there's no reason a dad can't help subdue the clatter

Milk them? No sir, we can't physically do it

but a bottle can work - that's one way to view it

Your spouse will be thankful, your kids appreciative

Less sleep? Sure, but they won't always be active

One day they'll be grown, and won't need you to rock

No cuddles, no crying, no babbling small talk

On Father's Day you deserve a little extra slumber

On others? Team work! There's strength in numbers

Now back to my kids. Asleep? No, but they should.

"Dada!' Gotta go.

Guess that's fatherhood.

Happy Father's Day to all of you dads, whether it's your first or your 30th. I hope you get cool golf clubs or neck ties or whatever.  - Andy

p.s. Don't be an idiot and fall asleep at night with you baby on top of you like I did in the photo. Safe sleep, people. Safe sleep.